The Basics

Chip & PIN cards

In order to process a transaction using Chip & PIN verification, when prompted, insert the card with the chip facing up and towards the terminal.

If the Card has been inserted incorrectly or there is an issue with the card's chip your terminal will prompt you to remove the card and insert it again.

Worldpay terminal Chip & PIN card

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Swiping a Card

When processing a transaction using a swipe card the card should be swiped with the black magnetic strip facing the terminal.

Make sure that, when swiping, the bottom of the card runs firmly along the bottom of the card swipe and the card is swiped at an even speed. Try not to swipe to slow as this can sometimes cause problems with the terminal reading the card correctly.


Worldpay terminal swipe card

Contactless Transactions 

Contactless payments allow cardholders to pay with a tap of their card. If your terminal is enabled for Contactless payments your terminal will display a flashing green light above the top left of the display. 

In order to make a Contactless payment the cardholder simply taps their card or contactless device on the display panel instead of inserting/ swiping their card and entering their PIN. As well as Contactless cards your terminal will be able to accept payment from any Apple Pay or Android Pay enabled device.

If you have a terminal with a separate PIN pad, the Contactless reader is located in the customer facing PIN pad, not merchant facing terminal. 

N.B. While most Worldpay card machines are contactless enabled, it is not guaranteed that yours will be. Whether or not you have access to Contactless transactions will depend on your Worldpay contract. If your Terminal is contactless enabled you will see a small flashing green light in the top left hand corner of the terminal's screen. 

If you believe you should have Contactless enabled but do not please contact Worldpay Customer Support.

When Reconciling...

The number and value of Contactless transactions will be detailed as a separate subtotal on your reconciliation report. You can also view a more detailed breakdown using My Business Dashboard.

Mail or Telephone orders

You can accept payments by mail or telephone order via your terminal if this is specified in your contract with Worldpay. To process a mail or telephone order simply key in the amount and press the green ENTER button as you would for a normal card transaction. Rather than inserting, swiping or presenting a card when prompted simply key in the card number and follow the on screen prompts. This will include confirming the customer is not present, entering the 3-digit card security code (on the back of the card) and the customer's post code/ address numerics. 

If you are in any doubt whether you are able to accept mail or telephone order payments please check you contract before accepting a transaction.

Hardware and Accessories

Your terminal comes equipped with the basics you will need to get started, including a couple of till rolls so that you can start accepting card payments straight away. However, we would recommend you order some more of these as these may not last all that long if you are running a busy store.

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