Closing a Cash Drawer

You can choose to close a Cash Drawer session at any time, allowing you to control your trading sessions and receive accurate cash totals for each session making the process of reconciliation that much easier. 

To close your current Cash Drawer session select your current Cash Drawer session and tap “close drawer”.

  1. Select current Cash Drawer session.
  2. Tap “Close Drawer”.
  3. Tap “OK” when prompted.

Your selected Cash Drawer session will now be closed.

Once your session has been closed all details relating to that session will be uploaded to our servers and stored for your records, you can view any of your historical Cash Drawer sessions by selecting them from the session list. Alternatively, you can view all your sales data and totals by logging into My Business Dashboard.

N.B. Once a Cash Drawer has been closed it can no longer be edited or deleted, nor can it be re-opened. 

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