Editing your Product Catalogue

Your Product Catalogue can be edited at any time once created. Simply tap on any item or category and select “Edit” from the right hand panel. This will then allow you to make changes to any of the displayed fields via the right hand menu.

Selecting and editing categories in your Product Catalogue

To change either the name or colour of a category select the relevant category and select “Edit”. Once you have made the required changes either tap “Update” to save changes or “Cancel” to discard changes.

To edit a Category:

  1. Select the required category from the Manage Catalogue page.
  2. Tap “Edit”.
  3. Make required changes.
  4. Select “Update” to save changes or “Cancel” to discard changes.

Your requested changes will now have been processed.

Selecting and editing items in your Product Catalogue

You can edit any of your items by tapping on the created item and selecting “Edit”. The displayed information will become editable, simply tap on any of the information fields to change the information. Once required changes have be made, tap “Update” to save changes or “Cancel” to discard any changes made.

To edit an Item:

  1. Select the required item from the Manage Catalogue page.
  2. Select “Edit”.
  3. Make requires changes.
  4. Tap “Update” to save changes or “Cancel” to discard changes.

To edit an item's image, tap the existing image when in editing mode, this will present you with the option to either upload a new image from the devices gallery, take a picture to replace the existing image or delete the item image entirely.

To change the order of the items or categories within your product catalogue tap on “Edit Order”. Simply press and hold on an item or category and drag to establish a new order, once you are happy with the order of the tiles select “Done” to save changes. To discard changes select “Cancel” and your product catalogue will revert to its previous order.

To delete your entire product catalogue select the overflow menu in the top right corner of your Manage Catalogue page and select “Delete Catalogue”. Once deleted, your product catalogue cannot be re-instated.

N.B. While you are in editing mode all other items and categories are disabled.

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