Getting Started

To get started with the My Business Hub app simply enter your Worldpay login details and you will automatically be prompted to compete the first time setup wizard. 

Did you know...

You will need a gmail account to use My Business Hub, please ensure this is set up prior to your scheduled installation.

Upon first login you will be required to pair your keypad with your Hub. To do this, press and hold the tick button on your keypad until the Bluetooth icon on the keypad screen begins to flash. Your keypad should then be displayed in the “Available Bluetooth devices” list, select your keypad from the list, tap “Pair” and press the tick button on your keypad to confirm. Your keypad should now pair to your Hub.   

Once you have paired your keypad the app will prompt you to test your Hub’s connection with the printer and cash drawer, to do this tap “Test” under the respective images. If you haven’t already done so you will need to connect all components of your Hub, the images on the base of your Hub guide you in this process.


Did you know...

Your My Business Hub login details are the same as your My Business Dashboard login details.

Once you have successfully setup your Hub you will be directed to the Make a Sale page.

To get started with My Business Hub:

  1. Login using your Worldpay login ID and password.
  2. Connect and Pair the keypad.
  3. Check Printer and cash drawer connections by selecting “Test” under each icon.

If you’re having issues with any of the peripherals make sure they are connected securely into the ports underneath the unit before switching your Hub off and on again. If you’re still experiencing difficulties after this please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team.

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