Invoice list

A list of your invoices is displayed on the left hand side of the invoice page. This list is arranged into three columns:

  1. Charges for
    “Charges for” details the month and year for which the invoice charges apply to.
  2. Card Sales
    The card sales column shows the total value of card transactions taken within the invoice period. This is a combination of cards acquired by Worldpay and cards processed for other acquirers is applicable.
  3. Fees
    The Fees column details the total amount (incl. VAT) that will be debited from your bank account.

Invoice Preview

You can view a particular invoice in full by selecting it from the invoice list. Doing so will display a preview of the PDF in the invoice preview section on the right hand side of the Invoice page.

To view the full invoice in your browser, click the “View” button above the invoice. To download a PDF of your invoice click the “Download” button.

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