iWL250 Power Troubleshooting

Power and Battery

If your terminal won’t power up, please try the following

  • Disconnect and reconnect the power lead from the base unit
  • Place the handset on to the base. The handset should power on without any keys being pressed. A plug symbol should be displayed on the terminal's display to indicate charging is in progress
  • Check the temperature of the power supply unit (PSU). If it is hot, remove the PSU from the power socket and replace with a new PSU
  • Ensure the plug socket is working by plugging in another piece of equipment
  • If you have access to another terminal, try using the PSU from that device
  • If you have access to another compatible base, place the handset on that base. If the handset powers up on this base, the faulty base will need to be replaced
  • Remove the battery from the handset, leave for approximately one minute, re-connect the battery and place back on the base

If none of the above steps worked, or you believe you need a replacement part, please contact a member of our Customer Support team on 0345 761 62 63 who will be able to assist you further.