Latest Invoice

Your most recent invoice, and the total value of card sales for that invoicing period, are displayed in the “Latest invoice” section. If you received multiple invoices for the previous month, the number of invoices you received will also be displayed here. If you chose to be invoiced by outlet then your total number of invoices will also be displayed, this should equate to your number of outlets.

Overview - Latest invoice

Only information on your most recent invoice(s) will be displayed here. Historical invoices can be viewed or downloaded via the Invoice page which can be accessed by selecting the Latest Invoice header or by using the Navigation menu.

Did you know...

You can choose to receive paper invoices by going to the Invoice delivery section of the Manage Account page.

N.B. Invoices are issued during the first week of every month for the previous month’s activity. Fees will be deducted on the 18th of the month. 

Q: How do chose to receive paper invoices?

A: To adjust how you receive your invoices:
1) Go to the Manage Account page using the left navigation menu.
2) Select the Account tab to view information about your invoice delivery.
3) Select the Change button to choose whether you would also like to receive your invoices by post.

Q: What are Invoice fees?

A: Invoice fees refer to your total monthly charges based on the card transactions you take, terminal rental fees, plus any other related charges.

Q: When will my next invoice be available?

A: Invoices are issued during the first week every month for the previous month's activity.

Q: There is a mistake on my invoice.

A: If you believe your invoice contains inaccurate information, please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team on 03457 61 62 63. They will be able to amend any errors and send out an updated invoice to you via post. Please note invoices displayed on your Dashboard are correct at the time of issue, and do not reflect any manual adjustments. In the event of an adjustment, we will send an updated invoice via post, but your online copy will not be updated.

Q: Some my invoices are missing, how do I access them?

A: If you would like to obtain a copy of a historical invoice that is not otherwise available on My Business Dashboard, please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team on 03457 61 62 63.  

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