Making a Sale

The primary function of your Worldpay terminal is to allow you and your business to process card transactions quickly and easily.

The steps required to take a card payment from your Worldpay terminal are listed below.

For each of the following steps the corresponding screens your terminal will display at each stage of the process can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

1)From the READY screen enter the transaction amount press the green ENTER button.

2) Your terminal will ask for the card to be inserted, swiped or presented depending on the method of payment.
If your terminal is setup to accept contactless transactions the contactless symbol will be displayed.

3) Hand the terminal to the cardholder, ask them to insert their card into the reader, key in their PIN and press the green ENTER button to confirm.

For contactless payments simply ask the customer to hold their card over the terminal screen, no PIN confirmation will be required.

Did you know...

If your terminal is Contactless enabled you can process Contactless payments by card or any Apple or Android pay enabled device.

4) Your terminal will now connect for authorisation. If approved the customer receipt will be printed. Tear off the receipt and press the green ENTER button to continue. If you need to reprint the customer receipt press the MENU button at this point instead.

5) For chip & PIN transactions you will now be prompted to remove the customer’s card.

6) Your merchant receipt will now print, tear this off and retain for your records. To complete the transaction press the green ENTER button and your terminal will return to the READY screen. If you need to reprint the merchant receipt press the MENU button at this point instead.

7) Your transaction is now complete. To take another transaction simply enter the value and repeat the above steps.

Did you know...

You can reprint the last receipt you printed at anytime by pressing the MENU button and the selecting "Duplicate Receipt".

Duplicate Receipt

If for any reason you require to reprint receipts after both the customer and merchant receipts have been printed you can do this by following the below flow:

1) From the READY screen press the MENU button.

2) Using your terminal’s arrow keys scroll down, select “Duplicate Receipt” and then press the green ENTER button.

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