MOVE5000 Mobile Troubleshooting

3G Connection Troubleshooting

If your terminal is failing or slow to connect via a mobile signal, please first check that the:

  • Network name is shown above the signal indicator
  • Terminal is showing a minimum of 3 signal bars
  • Signal bars are showing green on the screen
  • Terminal has over 50% of its battery life remaining. Any less than this may affect the terminals ability to make a connection
  • Network provider has no reported outages in your area
    • If the network provider is experiencing problems, please either reach out to them directly or wait for the issue to be resolved

If any of the above are not true, restart the terminal:

  1. Press and hold the yellow ‘Clear’ key and the ‘.’ key simultaneously for 1 second
  2. Wait for 20 seconds
  3. Press and hold the green ‘Enter’ key until the terminal powers on

If you are still experiencing a weak or no signal, next try removing and reinserting the terminal SIM:

  1. Switch the terminal off by holding down the yellow ‘Clear’ key and the ‘.’ key simultaneously for 1 second
  2. Turn the terminal over and remove the SIM
  3. Carefully check that the SIM is not damaged. In particular, look for scratches on the gold part of the SIM or cracks in the plastic
  4. Re-insert the SIM and power the terminal back on

If all the above checks have failed, please try to take the terminal to a different location to test, if you are able to. Please note, this needs to be at least 1-2 miles away from the area that you have been attempting to use the terminal.

If you are unable to test the device at another location or the terminal still will not connect at another location, please contact a member of our Customer Support team on 0345 761 62 63 who will be able to assist you further.