My Business Hub

My Business Hub is a smart way to take payments, print receipts and reconcile your day's sales. Operated by a detachable tablet, it lets you take payments over the counter or anywhere on your shop floor via Wi-Fi. 

Its fast and intuitive to use for you and your customers, whilst freeing your time by automating cash and card reconciliations, leaving you to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business. 

Taking Card Payments

My Business Hub accepts chip and PIN, contactless (including Apple and Android pay enabled devices) and Magstripe card payments, from anywhere on your shop floor, allowing you to run a truly modern and flexible business.

Product Catalogue

My Business Hub allows you to streamline your sales process by creating a product catalogue. Organising your inventory allows you to pre-set an item’s name and value meaning you can populate your basket with a single tap during the sales process.

Refunding a Transaction

My Business Hub makes processing a refund simple and hassle free. Offering you the option to partially or fully refund any transaction and the ability to access historical transactions using the transaction search function.

My Business Dashboard

My Business Dashboard is your online account with Worldpay, providing you with a full breakdown of your business activity, and the ability to manage your Worldpay account.
You can easily view and interact with your business information, from card sales, to settlements and invoices.