Detailed information about your transactions and sales data is displayed on the Sales page. From this page you can easily view and compare daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal trends, as well as viewing the details of individual transactions. 

Did you know...

Users with Full memberships can view a full breakdown of sales data from any date range as far back as January 2015. 

  1. Spark BarProvides a visual summary of your card sales for each day or week. The Spark Bar also acts as a global search tool, allowing you to easily modify or input date ranges.
  2. Insights This tab provides you with insights on your card transactions based on your chosen date range. Your insights include:
    1. Sales Summary
    2. Sales Highlights
    3. Sales Breakdown
    4. Insights graph
  3. TransactionsThis tab provides you with a list of individual transactions based on the chosen date range. Select a specific transaction to view its details.
  4. Download Select here to download a list of your searched transactions in an excel worksheet; this will based on your chosen date range. 

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