The Settlements page provides you with a list of your daily settlements. Settlements refer to the payment of funds into your bank account, based on your approved card transactions processed on a given day. Each settlement is calculated based on transactions with the same “Date Processed” atribute.

Settlements displayed on the settlements page are grouped by month, you can navigate between months using the left/ right arrows underneath the header bar. By default the current month’s settlements are displayed. 

Did you know...

You can view the transactions that correspond to each settlement by selecting “View Transactions”.

Q: Why has my settlement not arrived in my bank account yet?

A: It can take 2-3 working days (sometimes longer) for a settlement to appear in your bank account. For example, a settlement of £100 on Monday should arrive in your bank account by Thursday.

If after 3 days your settlement still has not arrived please contact our UK Customer Services team.

Q: Why are there no settlements on weekends or bank holidays?

A: We process transactions on working days only. For example, transactions that you take on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, will be processed the next working day (usually Monday). Once processed, funds typically take 2-3 working days to appear in your bank account.

Q: How do I see a list of transactions that make up a settlement?

A: You can access your transactions from the Settlements page by clicking “View transactions” below the settlement breakdown. This will take you to the transactions tab of the Sales page. The transaction date relating to the Settlement will be highlighted automatically in the Spark Bar

Q: Why doesn't my settlement total match my Sales total?

A: Your Settlement total is the value of all sales, minus any refunds processed, i.e. your Total sales value. Sales totals do not take into account any refunds processed and as such, there may be a disparity between the two values.

N.B. Data displayed on the Overview page will show only sales figures and does not take into consideration any refunds; therefore there may be a difference between figures displayed on the overview page and your settlement values.

It is also possible that your settlements may have arrived into your bank account in split batches, resulting in multiple settlements.

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