Spark Bar

At the top of the Sales page is the Spark Bar which provides a visual summary of your card sales over time. The Spark Bar also acts as a global search tool, allowing you to easily modify or input date ranges.

The Spark bar contains a number of interactive controls that enable you to edit the date range of your sales:

  1. Date range drop-down
  2. Calendar
  3. Daily/ Weekly selection
  4. Highlighted Selection
  5. Month Label

N.B. The Spark Bar is only displayed when viewing your Dashboard on a laptop or Desktop. When viewing your Dashboard on tablet or mobile the Spark Bar will not be shown.

Did you know...

Users with Full Membership can view a full breakdown of sales data from any date range as far back as January 2015. 

Date range drop-down

The drop-down menu contains a number of common pre-set date ranges which allow you to quickly and easily filter your sales data. 

  1. This week / This month / This Quarter/ This Year – Shows all sales for this week, month, quarter, or year to-date.
  2. Last week / Last month / Last Quarter / Last Year – Shows all sales for the last week, month, quarter, or year to-date.
  3. Last 7 days / 30 days – Shows all Sales for the most recent 7 or 30 days.
  4. Every Mon / Tue / Wed / Thurs / Fri / Sat / Sun – Displays all Sales for a given weekday or weekend over a period of time (e.g. every Wednesday for the last 6 months).

Once selected from the drop-down, the date range can be updated using the calendar or on the Spark bar itself by dragging the handles of the highlighted area.


You can select or modify a custom date range by selecting the calendar icon. Selecting two dates will display all Sales within the chosen range, inclusive.

To select a custom date range using the calendar tool:

  1. Select the calendar icon from the Spark Bar.
  2. Select the start date.
  3. Select end date.
  4. Select the tick icon to confirm.

Your card transaction data for your chosen date range will now be displayed. 

Daily or Weekly Selection

The Spark Bar can be customised to display data in daily or weekly format using the Daily/ Weekly selection in the top right of the Spark Bar. Toggling between the two dictates whether each bar represents a single day or a week's worth of data. By default the Spark Bar will be in daily format. 

Highlighted Area

The current date range being viewed is shown in the highlighted area of the Spark bar. This area can be manually customised by dragging the handles to expand or shorten your date selection. To move the whole selection at once, place your cursor in the highlighted area and then click and drag.

Month Label

At the bottom of the Spark Bar are labels for each month. To view sales for a particular month simply select the label for that month.

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