Tracking your Cash Drawer

Once you have begun a Cash Drawer session you will be able to see your cash position in real time based on your day’s cash transactions. Worldpay POS will also take into consideration any manual cash deposits and withdrawals you make throughout the day. 

Within your Cash Drawer session you have the ability to deposit withdraw cash from the drawer at any time. To record manual cash movements go to your Cash Drawer session and select “Pay In"/ "Pay Out”, enter the desired amount and then select either “Pay In” or “Pay Out” depending on whether you are adding or withdrawing cash.

To make manual adjustments to your Cash Drawer session:

  1. Select current cash drawer session.
  2. Tap “Pay In"/ "Pay Out”.
  3. Enter cash amount.
  4. Select either “Pay In” or “Pay Out”.

Did you know...

You can view your cash totals in real time using the Worldpay POS Cash Drawer feature.

You can add a description to your Cash Drawer session at any time once it has been opened. To do so simply tap “Drawer description” and enter your chosen session name. 

When Reconciling...

Label your Cash Drawer Sessions to make cash reconciliation easier.

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