A full breakdown of all your completed transactions is displayed in the transactions tab of the Sales page, with the transactions displayed relating the time period selected in the Spark bar.

The Transactions tab can be navigated to by:

  1. Selecting “Transactions” next to the Insights tab on the Sales page.
  2. Selecting the “Recent Transactions” header bar on the Overview page.
  3. Selecting “View Transactions” within the Settlement Summary of any settlement on the Settlement page.

Did you know...

You can download a breakdown of your transactions by clicking “Download…” on the Sales page.

  1. Transactions list
  2. Transactions details
  3. Card details
  4. Settlement details
  5. Business details

Transactions list

A list of your transactions, sorted by most recent first is displayed in the transactions list which occupies the left hand side of the Transactions tab.  This list is arranged into three columns:

  • Date and time of the Transaction
  • Card type used
  • Transaction amount

The transaction list provides a comprehensive list of all transactions within your chosen date range, including Sales, Refunds and Void transactions. Sales transactions will appear in green, Refunds in red and any Void transactions in grey.

The list shows 20 transactions at a time. To view more, navigate between pages using the page controls at the bottom of the list.

The details of a particular transaction can be view by selecting the corresponding row from the list; this will bring up the transaction, card, settlement and business details which will be displayed alongside the transaction list. By default the most recent transaction will be selected and corresponding details displayed.

When Reconciling...

Quickly and easily view a breakdown of your transactions, the associated card details and settlement date using the transactions tab. 

Transaction details

Details pertaining to a transaction, such as; when, for how much and how the transaction was processed are listed in the Transaction details section.

  • Date & Time
    The timestamp of when the transaction occurred in your local time
  • Type
    Classification of the type of transaction. For example: Sale, Sale with cashback or Refund
  • Payment method
    Shown as cash or card. Only My Business Hub users will be able to view cash transactions on My Business Dashboard.
  • Amount
    The value of the transaction in the cardholder's local currency. Includes cashback amount if applicable.
  • Channel Type
    Type of payment uses to complete the transaction. Includes; face to face, CNP (Cardholder not present) and eCommerce.
  • Cashback
    Value of cashback if applicable. 
  • Verification
    Method of verification used to complete the payment. Includes; Chip and PIN, Contactless, Magstripe, Signature and Manual Entry.
  • Authorisation code
    Code generated by the cardholder's bank to signify their response to a transaction. 

Card Details

Details of the card used for the transaction are found in the card details section.

  • Card Ending
    The last 4 digits of the card number used to complete the transaction. 
  • Card Scheme
    The payment scheme that governs a particular Credit or Debit Card, I.e. Visa, MasterCard, Discover® Global Network, Amex etc.
  • Card Type
    The type of card used. i.e. Visa Debit, Diners Club International® and Discover® Credit.

Settlement details

The date a transaction was processed for settlement and the amount processed are found in the settlement details section.

  • Date Processed
    The date that the transaction was processed by Worldpay. This is usually the next working day following the transaction date. Once processed, funds will typically be deposited in your bank account 2-3 working days after processing. 
  • Amount Processed
    The transaction value as paid to you. This will always be show in your local currency. 

Business Details

  • Company ID/ Worldpay reference
    The unique identifier of your company, usually a 6-digit number.
  • Business Name
    Your Business' trading name
  • Outlet ID (MID)
    The unique identifier of the store or outlet where the transaction took place. Sometimes referred to as your Customer ID or Merchant ID (MID).
  • Terminal ID
    Unique identifier of the terminal that was used to perform the transaction.

Transaction types

My Business Dashboard will display and differentiate between different types of transactions in the transactions list.

  • Sales
    Sales transactions are displayed in the transactions list in green and relate to successful payments received from a customer.  
  • Refunds
    Any refunds processed will be displayed in your transactions list in red and as negative values.
  • Void Transactions
    A void transaction is one that has been cancelled after it has been authorised but prior to settlement. Void transactions will be displayed in your transactions list in grey.
    N.B. Void transactions do not form part of your sales totals and you will not be credited for them.

Q: How do I view a breakdown of my transactions?

A: To view a full breakdown of your transactions select the Transactions tab on the Sales page. Displayed will be a list and details for all transactions carried out within the selected time period. The date range can be altered from the transactions tab using any of the date customisation tools in the Spark Bar.

Q: How do download a breakdown of my transactions?

A: A full breakdown of your card transactions can be exported from your Dashboard by clicking the “Download…” icon displayed on the right of the Sales page below the Spark Bar

Q: Why can't I see transactions from today?

A: Our system updates on a daily basis, so any card transactions taken today should be visible on your dashboard by tomorrow morning.
In a small number of cases transactions may take longer to appear. For example if your end-of-day reconciliation is not completed on time, or you miss your banking window, then this could delay when your transactions appear in the Dashboard.

Q: How do I view the details of a particular transaction?

A: From the transactions list identify and select a particular transaction, by clicking on the transaction within the list the corresponding details will be displayed on the right hand side of the page.

Q: How do I check if a transaction has gone through?

A: All transaction types will be displayed in your transaction breakdown on the Sales page. As our systems update daily you will be able to access your Dashboard the next working day and confirm whether or not a transaction was successfully.
For urgent enquiries that require same day confirmation please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team on 03457 61 62 63.

Q: Why can't I see Amex transactions on my Dashboard?

A: American Express serves as its own acquirer and are not processed by Worldpay. Therefore, Amex transactions are funded to you directly by American Express separately from Visa, MasterCard and Diners/Discover transactions. For this reason, any Amex transactions you take will not be visible in My Business Dashboard. Please contact Amex directly for more information about your individual American Express transactions.

Q: Why is there a difference between the Transaction date and Settlement date?

A: The Transaction date/time relates to the exact time that the transaction was carried out, i.e. the time at which the customer used their card. The Settlement date refers to when this transaction was processed for settlement to your account by Worldpay.
Our system updates on a daily basis so there will typically be a lag of one working day between transaction and settlement processing.
N.B. We process transactions on working days only. For example, transactions that you take on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, will be processed the next working day (usually Monday). Once processed, funds typically take 2-3 working days to appear in your bank account.

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