Understand your invoice

Your Worldpay invoice lists all the charges owed by you for the invoicing period. For a breakdown of what each charge is in relation to please click on the icon next to it for an explanation.

Personal Details

Registered Business Address

This is the main address you have provided for your business.

Date of Issue

This is the date on which the invoice is issued. All transactions settled between this date and your previous invoice date will be included on the invoice in question.

Worldpay Reference

This is the unique number you are given when you sign a contract with us which identifies your business on our system. This is also know as your Merchant ID or Customer number.

VAT Registration Number

This is your company's VAT registration number.

Store Trading Name

This is your store trading name.

Store Reference

This is your store's unique reference number.
Charges Summary

Charges Summary

This section is a summary of all the charges that have been applied to your invoice.

Transaction Charges – Cards Acquired

For each transaction you take Worldpay charge a percentage fee to process the transaction. Cards Acquired are those under the MasterCard, Visa and Discover Global Network schemes.

Transaction Charges – Cards Processed for Other Acquirers

There are cards from other schemes such as American Express which are charged at a different rate.

Miscellaneous Charges

These are charges which relate to non-transactional fixed fees, such as terminal rental fees, Safer payments programme fee, PCI non-compliance fee.

Premium Charges

Premium charges are applied in addition to your transaction fees, these charges are associated with transactions which have a higher risk weighting and therefore attract a higher cost of processing.

Total Due

This is the total invoice fee due including VAT. Your total excluding VAT is listed in 'Total Charges'.
VAT Breakdown

VAT Breakdown

This section details the VAT that has been applied to your invoice.

E Exempt

Some items are VAT exempt and so will have no VAT value assigned to them.

S Standard

Standard VAT is charged at 20% of an item’s value.

Total VAT

The total value of card transactions processed for VAT during your invoice period.
Charge Details

Charge Details

This section details the charges that have been applied to your invoice.

Cards Acquired

This column is a breakdown of the various different card types that you have accepted over the invoice period.

No. of Transactions

This is the total volume of transactions you have taken for the associated card types during your invoicing period.

Charge per Transaction

Some card types have a one off fee attached to each transaction you process. If this is the case the fee amount will be listed here.

Value of Transactions

This equates to the total value of transactions processed for the associated card type.

Transaction Charge Rate

The majority of transactions are charged at a percentage of the transaction value. The rate at which you are charged will vary depending on the card type used to perform the transaction. The percentage charge for each card type will be listed here.

Transaction Charges

The total value of charges associated with card type for your invoice period are listed here.

VAT Code

The assigned VAT will relate to the VAT rate applied. Standard VAT charged at 20% will be denoted by an S whereas anything that is VAT exempt (0% VAT) will be denoted by an E.


These are the totals for each corresponding column.
Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous Charges

This section details the miscellaneous charges that have been applied to your invoice.

Authorisation Approval

In some instances card transactions require authorisation from the card holder’s bank. If this has taken place a small fee will be applied. The total fees for the invoice period will be listed here, by card type.

Terminal Rental

The monthly charges for the rental and on-going maintenance of your Worldpay terminal.

Minimum Monthly Service Charge (MMSC)

If your monthly transaction charges don't meet the minimum amount agreed for your account, a MMSC is applied to your invoice. If your monthly transaction fees amount to more than your agreed MMSC threshold, the MMSC for that month will not apply.


The total charge applied to cover the costs of managing any chargeback requests on your account.

Gateway Fee

The monthly charge for using our online payments gateway.

Worldpay Dashboard

The monthly charge for customers who subscribe to full Worldpay Dashboard membership.

SaferPayments Plus Fee

This charge is a monthly fee to cover your enhanced service to ensure you are PCI compliant. The SaferPayments Plus specialist team will guide you every step of the way through your compliance reporting and help you to improve your data security.

SaferPayments Programme Fee

This annual fee is replaced by a £4 monthly fee offering you improved cash flow through removal of the annual charge, and also means you will only pay for the months you are registered.

SaferPayments Non-Compliance Charge

This charge is a monthly fee we charge if you do not validate your compliance through the SaferPayments Portal. If you become compliant on or after the 20th of the month, you will still be charged a non-compliance fee.

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