Understanding your Invoice

Your Worldpay Invoice lists all the charges owed by you for the invoicing period. Detailed on the your Worldpay invoice will be a breakdown of these charges based on transaction type, card type and processing method. For ease of viewing this breakdown is listed in a number of distinct sections, these being:

1) Personal Details 4) Charge Details

2) Charges Summary

5) Cards Processed for Other Acquirers
3) VAT Breakdown 6) Miscellaneous Charges

Personal Details

Worldpay Understand your Invoice
  1. Registered Business address – This is the main address you have provided for your business.
  2. Issued on date – This is the date on which the invoice is issued. All transactions settled between this date and your previous invoice date will be included on the invoice in question.
  3. Merchant ID - The unique number you are given when you sign a contract with us which identifies your business on our systems. This is sometimes also known as your Customer Number or Worldpay Reference number.
  4. VAT Reg number – You company’s VAT registration number.

Charges Summary

Worldpay Understand your Invoice
  1. Transaction Charges – Cards Acquired: For each transaction you take Worldpay charge a percentage fee to process the transaction. Cards Acquired are those under the Visa and MasterCard schemes.
  2. Transaction Charges – Cards Processed for Other Acquirers: Cards from other schemes such as American Express and Diners are charged at a different rate.
  3. Misc Charges – Miscellaneous charges are those charges that do not relate directly to transaction processing. Thee may include, for example, terminal rental fees and PCI non-complience fees. A full breakdown of your Miscellaneous charges can be found at the bottom of your Invoice.
  4. Total Due – Your “Total Due” is your total invoice fee due, including VAT. Your total excluding VAT is listed above as “Total charges”, the total VAT due is also listed here.

VAT Breakdown

Worldpay Understand your Invoice
  1. S-Standard – Standard VAT is a VAT charged at 20% of an item’s value. The total value of card transactions processed for at standard VAT rate during your invoicing period is listed here.
  2. E-Exempt – Some items are VAT exempt and so will have no VAT value assigned to them. The total value of card transactions processed for VAT exempt items during your invoicing period is listed here.
  3. Total VAT – This is the total VAT amount due for all transactions settled during your invoicing period.

Charge Details

Worldpay understand your invoice
  1. Cards Acquired – Detailed in this column is a breakdown of the various different card types that you have accepted over the invoice period.
  2. No. of Transactions - This is the total volume of transactions you have taken of the associated card type for your Invoicing period.
  3. Charge per transaction – Some card types have a small, one off, fee attached to each transaction you process. If this is the case the fee amount will be listed here.
  4. Value of transactions – This equates to the total value of transactions processed for the associated card type.
  5. Transaction charge rate – The majority of transactions are charged as a percentage of the transaction value. The rate at which you are charged will vary depending on the card type used to perform the transaction. The percentage charge for each card type will be listed here.
  6. Transaction charges – The total value of charges associated with card type for your invoice period is listed here.
  7. VAT Code - The assigned VAT will relate to the VAT rate applied. Standard VAT charged at 20% will be denoted by an S whereas anything that is VAT exempt (0% VAT) will be denoted by an E.
  8. Total – These are the totals of each corresponding column. N.B. No totals will be given for “Charge per Transaction” or “Transaction Charge Rate”.

Cards Processed for Other Acquirers

Worldpay understand your invoice

Despite being part of your Worldpay invoice transactions made using certain card types are settled by other acquirers, for example American Express. In this instance we will liaise with the other acquirers to ensure your money reaches your account in a timely fashion.

The Card types processed in this manner will be listed under “Cards Processed for Other Acquirers”, the associated breakdown given for each card type will be the same as that for cards acquired by Worldpay.

Miscellaneous Charges

Worldpay Understand your Invoice

The Miscellaneous charges section of your invoice details those charges that do not relate directly to the card transactions processing. These may be ad-hoc charges or they may be recurring charges, such as monthly terminal rental fees.

It is unlikely that you will see an extensive list of charges detailed under Miscellaneous charges, however the most prevalent charges found in this section are listed below:  

  • Authorisation Call and Service - In some instances card transaction must be manually authorisation with the card holder’s bank. If we have had to manually authorise transactions then a small fee will be applied, the total accrued fee for your invoicing period will be listed here.
  • Chargebacks - When chargeback requests are submitted administrative time is required on Worldpay's behalf to process this request. The associated charge applied to cover the cost of managing the chargeback request is detailed here.
  • Minimum Monthly Service Charge (MMSC) -  If your monthly transaction charges (see above) don’t meet the minimum amount agreed for your account a minimum monthly service charge is applied to your invoice. If your monthly transaction fees amount to more than your MMSC, the MMSC for that month won’t apply.
  • Terminal Rental - The monthly charge for the rental and on-going maintenance of your Worldpay terminal.
  • Gateway Fee -  The monthly charge for using our online payments gateway.
  • PCI DSS Annual Management Charge - Charge for the enrolment of Worldpay’s SaferPayments program which gives you access to the tools needed to become PCI DSS compliant.
  • PCI DSS Non Compliance Charge - A monthly non compliance fee is applied for every month you have not completed compliance, once you certify compliance and continue to do so this charge will no longer be applied.
    Please visit http://www.worldpay.com/uk/sme/saferpayments to find out further information on how to comply to PCI DSS.

N.B. Any category of charges not incurred during your invoice period will not be listed on your invoice, therefore you should not expect to see all of the above charges each month.