Barcode Scanner

With a Worldpay Barcode Scanner you are able to quickly and easily add an item to your basket when making a sale by simply scanning the item's barcode. 

Setting up the Barcode Scanner

Your Barcode scanner connects to your Hub unit via a USB connection. To connect the scanner first power off your Hub unit and then insert the scanner lead into either of the 2 USB sockets on the underside of your Hub. USB sockets are those marked with the below symbol:

Worldpay My Business Hub Barcode Scanner

Once connected, power your Hub unit back on and launch the Worldpay POS app. To finalise your scanner setup:

  1. Select Settings from the navigation menu and choose Check Peripherals.
  2. Tap TEST under the image of the barcode scanner.
  3. Scan the test barcode displayed and wait for your Hub to confirm the pairing.
  4. Once successful, a tick will be displayed under the scanner icon.

Did you know...

Your Hub unit must be turned off when plugging in your barcode scanner in order for it to install correctly. Once plugged in,turn your Hub unit back on to finalise installation. 

If for any reason your Barcode scanner should stop working :

  1. Check the scanner’s connection, the USB cable should be firmly inserted into the underside of the Hub’s central unit.
  2. Should the scanner be correctly connected but still not functioning properly; power off the Hub, unplug & reconnect scanner to the base of the Hub Central unit and reboot the Hub unit.

If, having carried out all of the above steps, the scanner is still not working please contact a member of our UK Technical support team on 0345 761 62 63 selecting option 1 and then choosing Hub technical support.

N.B. Worldpay barcode Scanner is currently only compatible with "TAB 3" devices. To check which device type you have go to your tablet's settings menu and select "About tablet" under the System header. The images below the respective options for "TAB 2" and "TAB 3" devices.

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