Bluetooth Printer

iOS users can now pair a Bluetooth printer to their device in order to print receipts and End of Day reports.

To set up a printer via Bluetooth first make sure it is switched on and then follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the “Search for printer” button within Settings > Printer.

Step 2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled and select the printer from the list. If prompted to enter a PIN, enter 1234.

Step 3. Once connected you will be ready to use your printer. Click the “Print test” button to print a test receipt.


If you are using a USB cable, connect to your tablet or smartphone using the cable and go directly to Step 3.

Supported printer models

Currently this feature works only with the below printer models:

  • Star mC-Print3 (3 inch)
  • Star SM-L200 (2 inch) 

If you have trouble with the printer hardware please contact the manufacturer for help and support.

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