Cash Drawer Sessions

Worldpay POS can keep track of your cash position throughout a day’s trading via your Cash Drawer sessions. Once the starting float is set Worldpay POS will automatically keep track of your running cash total which you can view at anytime in the Cash Drawer page.

Running Cash Drawer sessions on Worldpay POS can greatly assist with the process of cash reconciliation as your totals are immediately available to view during, as well as at the end of, a day or trading session. 

When Reconciling...

View your cash totals for each trading session in real time by running Cash Drawer sessions.

To start a new Cash Drawer session tap “Start new Cash Drawer” on the Cash Drawer page and enter the starting float amount using the tablet. If connected, this will automatically open the physical cash drawer, allowing you to deposit your till starting float. Once you have entered your starting float value select “Start Drawer” to confirm and begin your Cash Drawer session.   

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