Checking your Sales Totals

Knowing your Sales Totals is intrinsic to running a successful business. Your totals for any given date range will be automatically calculated and displayed on the Sales page of your Dashboard. This page will display Sales, Refunds and combined totals. Further breakdowns are available by channel type, debit vs credit card and terminal or outlet in the Sales Breakdown section of the Sales page.

When Reconciling...

Rather than calculating totals manually simply select the desired date range using the Timeline Bar and the total sales will be displayed in the Insights tab of the Sales page.

If you have more than one store or outlet, you can choose which outlet to show totals for using the outlet drop-down menu in the top left corner of your Dashboard. By default information for all outlets will be displayed.

How do I check totals for last week?

  1. Go to the Sales page
  2. Select “last week” form drop-down.
    Manually highlight last week's dates using the Timeline bar.
  3. Your Total Sales, Sales and Refunds from last week will now be shown 
checking sales totals

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