Checking your Settlements

As a business owner it is vital to know what funds you will be paid and when. Via the Settlements page, Worldpay Dashboard is able to reliably show you the total funds due to be paid into your bank account, enabling you to accurately forecast your available funds. 

When Reconciling...

View your settlements using Worldpay Dashboard to know exactly what you will be paid and when. 

The Settlements page provides you with a list of your daily settlements. By clicking on a settlement you can view a summary of the corresponding sales and refunds. Settlements from each of your outlets are displayed separately, allowing you to reconcile and calculate funds per outlet or for your business as a whole. Each outlet carries a unique identifier for ease of identification. 

The individual transactions that make up each settlement can be viewed against your settlements with a single click of a button, drastically reducing the time taken to reconcile by removing the need to manually check transactions against your bank statements. To view the transactions that relate to a settlement simply click on the settlement in question and then click "View Transactions".

Did you know...

Settlements are separated by outlet, making reconciliation by outlet that much easier.

 How do I check my Settlements?

  1. Go to the Settlements page.
  2. Check the desired Settlement date.
  3. Click on the Settlement to show details.

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