Checking Your Transactions

When reconciling it is vital to be able to quickly and easily access your transactions. Whether you wish to check a single transaction, or view a comprehensive list of historical transactions, Worldpay Dashboard is able to assist.

A detailed breakdown of your successfully completed transactions is displayed in the Transactions tab of the Sales page, sorted by most recent first.

To filter your transaction list by date, simply select the relevant date range from the Timeline bar and scroll through the Transactions tab as required.

Did you know...

Users with Full membership can view a full breakdown of sales data from any date range as far back as January 2015. 

Additional information relating to a transaction including card details and settlement date are displayed by clicking on a particular transaction.

For ease of use transactions are differentiated by type with sales transactions appearing in green, refunds in red and any void transactions in grey.

A full transaction breakdown can be downloaded and stored for offline use and record keeping purposes. To download an excel worksheet of your transactions simply click “Download…” on the Sales page

When reconciling

Save yourself some time by downloading a breakdown of your transactions rather than having to enter them manually.

How do I check my transactions from yesterday?

  1. Go to the Sales page.
  2. Click on yesterday’s date from the Timeline bar.
    Select the date from the calendar tool and click the tick icon.
  3. Click on the Transactions tab.
  4. A list of all your transactions successfully processed yesterday will now be shown.

N.B. Our systems update on a daily basis so transactions are displayed one day in arrears, i.e. transactions from today will appear on your Dashboard tomorrow morning. For urgent queries regarding a transaction taken today please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team.

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