Creating a Product Catalogue

When creating a product catalogue you have the option to:

Creating a product catalogue allows you to organise your inventory into a logical format, reducing the time required to carry out a sale. Your product catalogue is displayed on the "Product Catalogue" tab of the Make a Sale page, allowing you to quickly and easily add items from your inventory to the Basket during a sale. 

To create your product catalogue go Manage Catalogue in the main menu. The first time you view this section you will be prompted to create a new catalogue, however you can create and edit your product catalogue at anytime.



Your Product Catalogue consists of “Items” and “Categories” set up in such a way so as to intuitively represent the products you sell. Categories behave like folders and can contain numerous items grouped together in a logical manner.                                                                                                                        

Adding categories to your Product Catalogue

To add a new category to your Product Catalogue select “Add Category” from within Manage Catalogue. This will prompt you to enter the details of your new category, once entered tap “Add” and your new category will have been created.

To add a category to your Product Catalogue:

  1. Select “Add Category” from the Manage Catalogue page.
  2. Enter Category name and Colour.
  3. Tap “Add”.

Your new category will now be in your product catalogue.

Did you know...

Once created, you can edit your Product Catalogue at any time by clicking "Edit" on any item.

Adding items to your Product Catalogue

You can add items you sell either to your existing categories or as stand alone items on the main product catalogue screen.

To add a new item to you catalogue select “Add item” at the bottom of the Manage Catalogue page. Enter the item details when prompted, including the category if you wish to add it to a category. Once entered tap “Add” and your new item will have been created.

You can assign images to each of your items for added ease of use. To do this tap the item tile, this will give you the option to upload an image from your tablet’s gallery or to access the tablet camera to take a photo. To delete an item image tap on the tile and select “Delete image”.

To add an Item to your Product Catalogue:

  1. Select “Add Item” from the Manage Catalogue page.
  2. Enter Item name and price.
  3. Select a category if desired, if you don’t select a category the item will be placed on the Product Catalogue main screen.
  4. Select the "VAT rate" and "item colour".
  5. Worldpay Hub customers who have a Barcode Scanner can scan the item's barcode and it will be automatically added to the appropriate field, alternatively select the field and type in the barcode manually.
  6. Tap “Add”.

Your new item will now be added to your product catalogue.


In order to receive accurate VAT data within the email summary you should always apply the correct VAT rate for each of your products sold (either within the item details or within the Custom Sale screen).

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