Disputes Page Overview

On the disputes screen you can see a list of all the chargebacks and RFIs raised against you by a customer.

  1. Due date: This is the date that you must respond by with evidence to dispute the chargeback. After this date the chargeback will expire, and you will no longer be able to defend it.
  2. Status: Your chargeback will either be ‘In progress’ or ‘Expired’. When in progress you will be able to provide evidence (NOTE: you can only submit evidence once). Once expired you will no longer be able to defend the chargeback.
  3. Reference: This is a unique reference that connects the chargeback and the transaction. You should use this reference in any communication with Worldpay about the chargeback/RFI.
  4. Reason category: Every chargeback has a reason category that gives a high level description of why the chargeback has been raised.
  5. Reason code: Every chargeback has a corresponding reason code that is specific to each card scheme.
  6. Cycle: Chargebacks can either be in the first cycle or second cycle depending where in the process it has reached. Requests for Information will be listed as such in this column.
  7. Chargeback amount: The amount that the customer is disputing in the chargeback.
  8. Upload evidence button: Select this option to open the upload evidence screen.
  9. MID: The merchant ID associated with this chargeback.
  10. Transaction amount: The total transaction value that the chargeback is raised against.
  11. Transaction date: The date the transaction was made.
  12. Card number: The last four digits of the card number used in the transaction.

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