A full list of transactions can be downloaded from your Dashboard by selecting “Download transactions” on the Sales page. This will allow you to store your transactions for offline use and record keeping purposes.

The Download button can be accessed from within both the Insights and Transactions tabs.

When Reconciling...

Save yourself some time by downloading a breakdown of your transactions rather than having to enter them manually.

The date range of transaction data downloaded by clicking “Download transactions” will automatically match the date range selected in the Timeline Bar.

To Download your transaction history:

  1. Go to the Sales page using the Navigation Menu.
  2. Selected the desired date range using the Timeline bar.
  3. Click “Download transactions”
  4. Confirm download when prompted.

An Excel file containing the transaction data for your chosen date range should now be downloading to your device.

Q: How do download a breakdown of my transactions?

A: A full breakdown of your card transactions can be exported from your Dashboard by clicking the “Download transactions” button displayed on the right of the Sales page below the Timeline Bar

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