My Business Hub comes equipped with all the hardware that you need to set up and run your Hub. Included in your order will be:

  • Tablet
  • Keypad
  • Printer
  • Cash Drawer


As part of the My Business Hub bundle you will receive a Lenovo tablet which acts as the main interface of your Hub. Your tablet is provided to you as an open platform meaning that you have the freedom to download and view any content you wish beyond the My Business Hub app.

Your tablet will attach, via the My Business Hub tablet sleeve, to your Hub. Whilst attached, your tablet will receive charge via the docking station, once fully charged your tablet will have sufficient battery life for several hours of running time in Mobile mode away from the central unit.


The keypad is the component of My Business Hub responsible for the taking and processing of card payments. It will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the rest of your Hub and will receive charge via the keypad pillar of the Central Unit.

Upon first receiving your Hub you will need to pair the keypad to the rest of the unit, once paired the keypad will automatically detect when a card payment is being processed and provide prompts to the customer accordingly.

The keypad’s remaining battery level will be displayed in the top right of the keypad screen. If the keypad’s Bluetooth is enabled then the Bluetooth icon will be displayed in the top left of the screen. The Bluetooth mode will be indicated by the Bluetooth light in the top right of the keypad. When paired the light will flash slowly, when in paring mode the light will flash rapidly and when the keypad’s Bluetooth is disabled no light will be seen.


Built into the central unit of My Business Hub is the receipt printer. At the end of a transaction you will have the option to print a customer receipt, selecting this option will automatically engage the printer and dispense a receipt complete with transaction and business details.

You can easily change the till roll of your printer by opening the top of your Hub’s central unit and lifting the blue section from the top of the printer. Once open, simply remove the empty till roll and replace with a new one.   

Cash Drawer

My Business Hub comes complete with a complementary cash drawer whilst also being compatible with all standard cash drawers should you wish to use an existing one.

Barcode Scanner

With a Worldpay Barcode scanner you are able to simply and easily add an item to your basket when making a sale by scanning the item's barcode. Via the Manage Catalogue screen you are able to add a barcode to each item's record so that your Hub is able to recognise them when scanned. 

N.B. As we appreciate this option is not needed by all our customers so to keep cost of your Hub as low as possible Barcode scanners are currently an optional extra. To request one please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team on the number below.

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