A breakdown of your card transactions, for the selected date range, is displayed in the Insights tab. This page is broken down into four main sections; Sales Summary, Sales Highlights, Sales Breakdown and Insights graph providing you with information about sales totals, transaction type and customer spending patterns. 

Worldpay Dashboard sales and insights



Sales Summary

The value and volume of your Sales and Refunds, and the corresponding total sales value, is displayed in the Sales Summary section of the Insights tab. Data for each of these values can be viewed on the insights graph. By default sales data for the current week will be displayed. 

  • Total Sales - The Total Sales value equates to your sales minus refunds. 
  • Sales - The Sales figure corresponds to the total value of all payments within the date range selected in the Timeline Bar. This value is independent of any refunds carried out. 
  • Refunds - The Refunds figure corresponds to the total value of all payments within the date range selected in the Timeline Bar. 

When Reconciling...

Rather than calculating your sales totals manually simply select your desired date range using the Timeline Bar and your sales totals will be displayed in the Sales insights tab.

Sales Highlights

Specific highlights about your sales are displayed in the Sales Highlights section of the insights tab.

  • Average Spend - Displays the average value of each transaction. Average spend is calculated by dividing the sales value by the sales volume, based on your selected date range.
  • Best hour/ day/ week/ month - Displays the period of time within your chosen date range with the highest value of sales. The scale of this will update automatically according to the chosen breakdown on the Insights graph.
  • Busiest Period - Displays the time of the day within your chosen date range with the highest average volume of sales. 

Sales Breakdown

Your sales data can be broken down, not only by transaction type, but also by three other criteria;

  • Channel Type - the volume or value of sales through each channel type e.g Face to Face, Card Not Present (CNP) and eCommerce
  • Debit vs Credit Card - this shows the volume or value of sales processed via debit or credit cards, any store or fuel cards used will be classed as others
  • Terminal - The volume or value of sales by each of your terminals within a given outlet

Insights Graph

The insights graph provides you with a visual representation of your transaction data, displaying; Total sales, Sales or Refunds data for the date range highlighted in the Timeline bar. 


Q: How do I check my totals for a given date range?

A: Your Total sales (i.e. your card sales minus any refunds) for any given time period can be found in the Insights tab on the Sales page. In order to show your Sales totals:

  1. Go to the Sales page.
  2. Select Insights tab. 
  3. Select required date range from the Timeline Bar.
  4. Your Total Sales, Sales and Refunds for your chosen date range will now be shown.

Q: How do I view my Sales Summary for each outlet?

A: You can filter your sales information by outlet using the outlet drop-down in the top left of the Sales page. The outlet selection drop-down menu is preserved across the Overview, Sales, Settlements and Invoice pages of your dashboard. You can change between your various outlets by clicking on the relevant outlet at any time whilst on any of the relevant pages.

The data displayed will be automatically updated to the selected outlet with all other filters and display settings unchanged.

Q: What is the difference between Total Sales, Sales & Refunds?

A: The Total Sales value equates to your sales minus refunds. The Sales figure corresponds to the total value of all payments. The Refunds figure corresponds to the total value of all refunded transactions.

Q: How do I change the date range shown on the insights graph?

A: The date range displayed can be changed using the Timeline Bar, calendar tool or dropdown menu. Changing the date range will automatically update the Insights graph to display data from the new range. All other graph settings will be unchanged, the only exception being if the timescale selected is not compatible with the new date range, in which instance it will be adjusted to the closest possible setting. For example, if you are viewing a month’s worth of data you will be unable to see this plotted by hour.

Q: How do I change between Sales, Total Sales & Refunds?

A: You can choose which of the data types you wish to display on the insights graph by selecting the desired option from the drop-down menu in the top left of the graph. 

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