Make a Sale

Make a Sale is the home screen of the Worldpay POS app; from here you have the option to switch between using one of two sales screens:

Worldpay Hub customers

  • Customers who have a Worldpay Barcode Scanner are able to use their scanner to add items to the basket by scanning the barcode from either of these screens.
  • Hub customers can also open their cash drawer at any time.


Custom sale

The Custom sale screen allows you to add items of any name, price and VAT rate to you basket. To process a custom item, simply enter the price of the item in question, select the VAT rate from the drop down and add an item name if required. Once all fields are completed select "Add to Order" and the item will appear in your Basket.

Any name you enter will appear on the receipt and will also be saved in your transaction history.

If you want to add a custom sale item to your Product Catalogue, tap the "Add to Catalogue" toggle. Once you add the item to an order it will be automatically added to your catalogue, allowing you to select it in your next sale via the Product catalogue sales screen.

As you add items to the current order they will appear in the Basket. By selecting an item from the Basket you can choose to change the quantity or remove the item completely.

You can perform a "NO SALE" from the Custom Sale screen by adding £0 item to your Basket. To do this simply enter an item name, leaving the item price at £0.00, and tap add to order. To complete; select "Cash" and then confirm.

On a phone you will find the basket in its collapsed state at the bottom of the screen. To access it simply tap the green arrow and when you’re finished tap the down arrow to close.

Product Catalogue Sale

The Product Catalogue sales screen allows you to quickly and easily select from a range of pre-defined items. You can navigate to the Product Catalogue sales screen by selecting the "Catalogue" within Make a Sale.


You can create and manage your catalogue from Manage Catalogue of the Worldpay POS app. Any items added to your Product Catalogue will appear on the sales screen. Your Product Catalogue sales screen will remain empty until you have added items via the Manage Catalogue page. If there is no existing catalogue the default view on the Make a Sale page view will be the Custom Sale screen. 

Your Product Catalogue consists of “Items” and “Categories”. Simply tap on an item to add it to the basket, repeat this to add an item multiple times.

Categories behave like folders within your Product Catalogue; tapping on a category will show all the items within that category. Tapping on an item will add it to your basket. When viewing the contents of a category, tapping the back button on the tablet will take you back to the main Product Catalogue sales screen.

Barcode Scanner*

*Worldpay Hub customers only

If you have assigned a barcode to an item in your Product Catalogue you can add it to your basket simply by scanning the item's barcode whilst on either the "Custom Sale" or "Catalogue" tab of "Make a Sale". To increase the volume of an item in your basket simply scan the item's barcode again.

If the barcode you scan is not recognised or you are not on the Make a Sale page your app will display an error message accordingly. You can assign a barcode to an item via your Product Catalogue.

The Worldpay barcode scanner can operate in two different modes, in the cradle and out of the cradle. Whilst the scanner is seated within the cradle the scanner beam is constantly activated, to scan an item simply pass the barcode in front of the scanner and the barcode will be read. Your scanner will beep and the light display green to confirm.

Whilst out of the cradle your scanner is not constantly active, to scan an item you will need to press and hold the trigger  button and direct the scanner beam at the item's barcode. Again the scanner will beep and the light will display green to confirm that the item has been successfully scanned. 


Don't have a barcode scanner?

If you would like to sell catalogue items using a barcode scanner please visit our accessories page.

Opening the cash drawer*

*Worldpay Hub customers only

Hub customers can manually open the cash drawer at anytime when making a sale by selecting "Open the Cash Drawer" from the Action bar.


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