Mobile Terminal

The process of setting up and installing your Worldpay Mobile Terminal has deliberately been designed to be quick and simple. Before you get started you will need:

  • Your Merchant ID number (also know as your Customer ID number or MID). This is an 8-digit number that you can find on any Worldpay correspondence you have received.
  • Your Terminal and Power cable.
  • Power connection.

Did you know...

Your Merchant ID is the 8-digit number that can be found on any communication you will have received from Worldpay.

Set up your Mobile Terminal

Before you can begin the installation process you will need to set up your terminal. To do this, either connect the power supply to your terminal base and set the terminal onto the base. Once you have done this please wait for your terminal to charge for at least 2 hours of until the battery icon shows it is fully charged.

Worldpay Card Machines connection

Installing your Mobile Terminal

Once setup you can begin the installation process, to complete this you will need to complete a number of steps:

For each of the following steps the corresponding screens your terminal will display at each stage of the process can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

1) Once your terminal is fully charged you will be prompted to enter your Merchant ID number, key this in and press the green ENTER button.

Your terminal will now automatically begin the installation and download of all available updates. This can take a few minutes, do not interrupt this process.

2) Once your terminal has updated you will be prompted to create a unique 4-digit supervisor code which will be needed to authorise certain functions, for example refunds. To create you supervisor code enter your chosen 4-digit code and press the green ENTER button, re-enter your code and press the green ENTER button to confirm.

3) Once you have successfully installed your Mobile Terminal the READY screen will be displayed. You are now ready to start taking card payments. To make a sale simply enter the amount and follow the onscreen instructions.

Once setup and installed please make sure that your terminal is connected and powered on at all times so that any software and security updates can be received by your terminal, ensuring it remains fully compliant with payment regulations.

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