Mobile Wi-Fi Terminal

Before you can begin the set up of your new Worldpay Move 5000 Terminal you will need the following pieces of hardware and information:

  • Your Merchant ID number (also know as your Customer ID number or MID). This is an 8-digit number that you can find on any Worldpay correspondence you have received.
  • Your Move 5000 Wi-Fi/GPRS Handset and Power cable.
  • Power connection.


Wi-Fi / GPRS Handset, Charging Cradle and Power Supply
Here's what we've sent you

Your Move5000 Terminal is touch screen, but if you need to use the buttons here's what they do :-

Terminal buttons

We recommend that you charge your terminal for a few hours before you install it

To charge your terminal you can:

Green enter button
  • Place the handset on the cradle after connecting the power supply to the underneath compartment of the cradle or;

  • Plug the power supply directly into the side of the handset

To turn on your terminal, press and hold the green enter button 


We recommend you have your 8 digit customer number ready before you start. You can find this on your welcome email.

  1. Select your connection type. Picking Wi-Fi will take you through the process of scanning for your network.
  2. Type in your merchant number. Your Welcome to Worldpay email or any other correspondence we’ve sent you will contain this.
  3. Create yourself a supervisor code. You create this code. Remember it, it’s required later for important functions such as refunds.


Did you know...

In between these options your terminal will be downloading important updates.


You can now start taking card payments!

To start a sale, simply enter the amount and follow the instructions.

For all other transactions, press the MENU button.

Useful Information

Here are some useful features you might need:

Changing your setup

To change from using the terminals SIM card to using Wi-Fi, or vice versa, you need to complete a simple function. To do this:-

  • Press Menu twice
  • Select Function
  • Key in 87
  • Follow the instructions

To add another Wi-Fi network to your device, again we need to complete a quick function. To do this:-

  • Press Menu twice
  • Select Function
  • Key in 96
  • Follow the instructions

You can have multiple networks set up on the same device.

Contact us

If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact a member of our UK Customer Support team.

0345 761 62 63