Multiple Settlements

Payments into your bank account for transactions processed by Worldpay can, in some instances, be settled in multiple, or split, batches. For example, a settlement of £100 may show in your bank account as two line items of £120 and -£20. Circumstances where this may occur include:

  • Sales and refunds settled separately. Some users will have their Sales transactions and Refund transactions settled independently. In this instance you will see two entries on your bank statement, one equating to your sales and the other, negative value, equating to your refunds.
  • Split banking windows. If your business’ hours extended beyond conventional business hours it may be that your transactions run over multiple banking windows. In this case it is possible that the settlement of transactions may be split to match the associated banking windows, thus the payments into your account may be split accordingly.

The total amount paid to you will still equate to the settlement described on your dashboard, it is just the breakdown of these totals that may differ. 

The prevalence of Split batch payments will depend on the setup of your Worldpay account. You can request changes to this by contacting a member of our customer support team.

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