Receiving Your Card Machine

What's included

  • A920 payment device
  • AC power adaptor
  • USB charging cable
  • 1x thermal roll (40x57mm)
  • Battery
  • 4G SIM card
  • Quick setup guide


Charging and Setup

Here’s a video of the steps required to install your A920.

Note: If you're using the A920 as part of an integrated solution, the transaction flows will come from your software Partner, those displayed in the video are standalone examples.

Installation steps

1. Take out the battery and remove the secure tape, insert the SIM and replace the battery.

2. Plug the device in to charge.

3. Turn on the device.

4. Navigate to the Android settings to setup your Wi-Fi connection. Your password is in your welcome email or letter.

5. Once connected, open the PAXStore application.

6. The device will contact us and download your configuration.

7. You can now start taking payments by opening the Worldpay UK payment application.*

*Note: If you’re using the device in integrated mode, follow the steps from your POS software provider from this point.


Performing Transactions

If you're using the device on its own, transactions are initiated from the Worldpay UK payment application*.

*Note: if you’re using integrated mode, refer to your POS software provider documentation on how to initiate transactions.


Performing a sale

Note: The contactless reader is on the top of the A920 card machine. Ask the cardholder to place the contactless payment card/device over the contactless symbol found above the magnetic swipe reader until you hear the alert confirming a successful read.

1. From the payment application ready screen, select sale and enter your amount.

2. If you have gratuities or purchase with cashback set, you may be asked for these separate values.

3. On the insert, swipe or present screen, ask the cardholder to present their payment method to the device.

4. For a cardholder present transaction the cardholder will either tap at the top of the device for contactless or insert the card and enter their PIN. For a cardholder not present transaction you'll be asked to enter additional card and customer information.*

5. Your A920 will now connect to request a response for the transaction and your receipts will print.

*Please note that cardholder not present transactions carry a higher risk of fraud and of chargebacks being raised for which you will be responsible.  Please refer to our Customer Operating Instructions at for further information. 


End of day reports

Note: In most instances with an integrated payments solution, your POS software will generate the end-of-day report. However if you would like to perform this from the PAX terminal in Standalone mode, follow the below steps:-

1. On the payment application ready screen, select the ‘Func’ option to see the list of available functions within the payment application.

2. Select Reports.

3. Select Batch to run your end of day report.

4. Select Balance if you wish to run a different report type.

5. You can customise the amount of information in your reports using the ‘Current’ tab, picking the options you wish to use and setting this as the default.


Payment application functions

Your payment application passwords have been issued and can be found in your welcome email or letter.

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