Product Catalogue Bulk Upload

You are now able to upload your business’ entire inventory to your Hub’s Product Catalogue at once via My Business Dashboard, your online portal. This removes the need to manually add every item, saving you valuable time in the process.

In order to upload your Product Catalogue, login to My Business Dashboard and download the template file from the My Business Hub page. Simply complete this spreadsheet, populating the fields with your Product Catalogue and then upload the file via the same page.

Did you know...

Once uploaded, your Product Catalogue will be on your Hub within the hour.

To upload your Product Catalogue:

1. Login to My Business Dashboard.

2. Download the product catalogue template file by clicking “Download” on the My Business Hub page.

3. Using Microsoft Excel complete the template file ensuring you add one item per row with the following column format:

My Business Hub Bulk Upload file template
  • Category Name – Maximum 20 characters.
  • Category colour – Either Mango, Mint, Purple, Rose or Wine.
  • Item name – Maximum 20 characters.
  • Item colour - Either Mango, Mint, Purple, Rose or Wine.
  • Item price – Number only, please do not enter a currency sign.
  • VAT % - Enter 0, 5 or 20. Please do not enter a % sign

4. Once completed, save the template file locally and then upload it via the My Business Hub page of My Business Dashboard.

5. Once uploaded the “Upload Successful” prompt will be displayed.

Once you've successfully uploaded your Product Catalogue you’ll receive an email confirmation with a detailed summary of your upload. Your new Product Catalogue should appear in your Hub app within an hour. You may need to log out and log back in to refresh your data.

N.B. Please do not update your Product Catalogue from within the My Business Hub app whilst your template upload is being processed.

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