Worldpay POS allows you to issue different types of receipts depending on the product you are using:

Printed receipts*

*Worldpay Hub customers only

You can choose to issue a customer with a printed receipt by tapping "Print Receipt" at the end of a transaction. For printed receipts, your business details will appear at the top of the receipt, followed by the remainder of the transaction details. If you have entered a name for any of the items that make up the transaction these will appear on the receipt along with item quantities, item subtotals and VAT breakdown.

For card payments a summary of card and payment details will be displayed below the sale information.

The transaction reference number appears at the very bottom of the receipt, this can be used to search transactions within Sales and Insights.

Should you require duplicate receipts to be printed at the same time, simply tick the "Print Duplicate" box and connected bluetooth printer will print 2 receipts.

Did you know...

Worldpay Hub customers can reprint a receipt for any transaction by selecting "Reprint Receipt" at the bottom of the transaction breakdown section.

Email receipts

You can choose to issue a customer with an email receipt by selecting "Email Receipt" at the end of a transaction. When prompted simply enter the customer’s email address and tap send.

Your customer will then receive an email containing a summary of the transaction details, item quantities, subtotals and VAT breakdown. Your business details will be displayed at the top of the email.

The transaction reference number will appear on the receipt above the item breakdown sale information, this can be used to search transactions on the Sales and Insights page.

Handwritten receipts

If you have your own receipt issuing system for your business you can opt to use neither printed nor email receipts. Simply select "Handwritten receipt" at the end of a transaction. 

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