Reconciliation report

With a Worldpay terminal you are able to run your reconciliation reports directly from the terminal itself. You'll need to ensure that you complete your end-of-day reconciliation report each day.

The Reconciliation report generated by your terminal will provide you with a breakdown of your sales totals by card type and verification method.

Detailed below is the information you should expect to see on your reconciliation report.

Worldpay Card Machine Terminals Reconciliation Report

When Reconciling...

Use your reconciliation report not only to give you your daily totals but also a breakdown of your transactions by card and transaction type.

Waiter-Totals Report

If you have Gratuities enabled as part of your contract with Worldpay, once you have printed your reconciliation report you will be prompted to print "Waiter-Totals". Your Waiter-Totals report will show you the total number and value of Gratuities you have accepted.

You can also print a Waiter-Total report independently of your reconciliation report. To do this:

  1. From the READY screen press the MENU button twice.
  2. Select "Totals" and press the green ENTER button
  3. Scroll down to "Waiter-Totals" and press ENTER
  4. Enter your 4-digit Supervisor code and press ENTER
  5. Finally press ENTER again, when prompted, to confirm.

Your Waiter-Total report will now print.

If you wish to reset your Waiter totals press ENTER when prompted, if you do not wish to reset these totals press CLEAR.

An example Waiter-Total report is detailed below.

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