The Sales tile within the Overview page provides you with a visual summary of your card sales. By default this will show a graphical representation of this week’s activity.

You can update the time period displayed by selecting one of the various options form the drop-down menu:

  • Weekly (default)
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

You can toggle between viewing “This…” and “Last…” for your given time period by selecting the relevant tab at the top left of the sales graph.

The total number of transactions for your selected time period is displayed in the top right of the sales graph and the total value of those transactions in the top left.

Did you know...

Users with Full membership can view detailed transaction breakdowns and totals from custom date ranges on the Sales page.

Hovering over a specific point on the sales graph will reveal the total value of card sales. For a more detailed breakdown of transactions select the “More Information” icon to navigate to the Sales page.

Comprehensive Sales Insights and breakdowns are available on the Sales page of your Dashboard.

Did you know...

My Business Hub users will see details of both cash and card sales on Worldpay Dashboard.

Q: Why can't I see today's transactions?

A: Our system updates on a daily basis, so any card transactions taken today should be visible on your dashboard by tomorrow morning.
In a small number of cases transactions may take longer to appear. For example if your end-of-day reconciliation is not completed on time, or you miss your banking window, then this could delay when your transactions appear in the Dashboard.

Q: How do I view Sales transactions from a custom date range?

A: On the sales overview page you can chose to view Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly by selecting the relevant option from the drop-down menu in the top right had corner of the graph. You can also toggle between viewing LAST week/month/year and THIS week/month/year in the top left corner.

A full breakdown of your activity can be viewed in more detail and for a totally customisable time period on the Sales Page by selecting the desired data range in the Spark Bar.

N.B. Lite users will need to upgrade to Full Membership to access these features.

Q: Why is there no Sales transactions showing in the Sales tab?

A: Your business activity may not be shown for a number of reasons. If it is the first working day of your chosen date range transaction data will not yet have been uploaded yet. In order to view your sales information to date select last week/month/year.
N.B. Our system updates on a daily basis, so any card transactions taken today should be visible on your dashboard by tomorrow morning.

Q: How do I view my Sales for each outlet?

A: If you have multiple outlets you can chose to view transactions for any one of your outlets by selecting the relevant outlet from the drop-down menu in the top left of the Overview Page.

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