Saving a basket

Save basket function

Only compatible Android devices can currently use the Save the Basket feature.

You can save the Basket in order to come back to it later. You can access saved Baskets at any time by navigating to “My Baskets” when the basket is empty. 

Saving Your Basket

If you operate a business where you don't always want to charge customers straight away you can choose to save the Basket in order to modify it's contents or take payments at a later time. In order to save a Basket, add the desired items to the Basket and then tap "Save Basket" which can be located within the top right of the Basket view. To save the chosen items as a new Basket select "New Basket", enter the Basket name, i.e. Table 3, and then tap "Create" to confirm and save the Basket. To save items to an existing Basket, rather than selecting "New Basket" simply select the required Basket from your saved Basket list. 


Create or Open Baskets

Should you wish to create a new Basket prior to adding items or to open an already saved Basket you can do so by clicking "My Baskets". Then select "New Basket" or choose the required Basket from the list of saved Baskets displayed. 


Print Bill* & Edit Basket

*Worldpay Hub customers only

Once you open an existing Basket you'll see its name appear at the top of the Basket section. On Tablet the Basket name also acts as a drop down menu, on mobile tap on the kebab icon to open the menu, by tapping on the Basket name you will be presented with the options to:

  • "Print a bill" for your customer prior to processing payment (Worldpay Hub customers only)
  • "Edit name” lets you update the name of the open Basket.
  • "Delete Basket” should you no longer wish to store the contents of it. 
  • Save and close” (Mobile users only) to close the open basket and save any updates made to it.

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