Settlement Details

To view the details of a particular settlement simply select it from the settlements list, by default details for the most recent settlement will be displayed.


Worldpay Dashboard settlement summary

Settlement Summary

A summary of the settlement amount and the date it was processed is displayed in the Settlement Summary section.


Worldpay Dashboard settlement breakdown

Settlement Breakdown

The breakdown of the sales and refunds values and the net total is displayed in the Settlement Breakdown section. The number of transactions of each type is also displayed in brackets alongside the transaction type.

A list of transactions that make up a settlement can be accessed by clicking “View transactions” below the Settlement breakdown. This will take you to the Transactions tab of the Sales page and automatically filter transactions to a given settlement date.

To view a breakdown of transactions relating to a settlement:

  1. Go to the Settlements page.
  2. Click on the relevant settlement from the settlements list.
  3. Click “View transactions below the settlement breakdown.

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