Submitting Evidence

When defending a chargeback you will need to submit the supporting evidence to prove that it is incorrect. Either by clicking on the upload evidence icon or just ‘Dispute Chargeback’ button, you will be presented with a screen where you can upload your chargeback files and submit them to Worldpay.

You can browse or drag and drop your files to upload. The system will tell you whether the files meet the criteria for file size, file type etc. Once you have added all of the necessary files you can click ‘Upload’ and they will be sent to Worldpay. Please be sure to add all of your documents and only submit the files once, as any additional files sent will not be considered.

Q: I have submitted evidence, however I have another piece of evidence to upload

A: Unfortunately you are only able to upload evidence once when disputing a chargeback, as this evidence is passed on to the issuing bank and cannot be resubmitted. Please ensure that you include all necessary evidence and submit them together.

Q: How is the evidence determined to be sufficient or not to defend the chargeback

A: The Worldpay team review the evidence provided against a strict list of criteria. Should it be deemed sufficient to defend it will be passed on to the issuing bank. Worldpay take no liability of the outcome, with the final decision on the dispute made by the issuer and card scheme.

Q: What file types are supported when uploading evidence into Worldpay Dashboard?

A: We can support both PDFs and JPG file formats, with a maximum files size of 2MB and a maximum of 10 files per submission.

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