Taking Card Payments

The payment device build into My Business Hub accepts card payments by:

Once you have populated the basket select the “Card or Contactless” option from the bottom of the basket section to initiate a card payment. Instructions will be displayed at each stage of the payments cycle to guide you through the transaction. All instructions will also appear on the keypad for the customer’s reference.

Did you know...

You can take card payments from anywhere on your shop floor by converting My Business Hub to Mobile mode.

When taking a card payment, if the keypad has entered hibernation mode, press the tick icon on the keypad before processing payment. In this way the keypad is alerted to an impending payment and as such will be able to process payment faster. Please note, your Keypad will only enter hibernation mode when it is not charging.

N.B. When your Hub is in Offline mode the option to take Card or Contactless payment will be disabled, you can however continue to take Cash payments

Did you know...

My Business Hub can process Contactless payments by card or any Apple or Android pay enabled device. 

Chip & PIN

To process a card payment via Chip & PIN, ask the customer to insert their payment card and PIN when prompted. Prompts for each step of the payment process will be displayed on both the tablet and keypad screen.

To process a Chip & PIN payment: 

  1. Select “Card or Contactless”.
  2. Customer inserts card when prompted.
  3. Customer enters PIN when prompted.
  4. Customer remove card when prompted.
  5. Select receipt option.

If the incorrect PIN is entered an alert will be displayed on both the tablet and keypad, in such instance the customer is able to re-enter their PIN without hindrance. 

N.B. 3 incorrect PIN entries will result in the payment card being blocked so please advise customer caution after 2 incorrect entries

Contactless Payments

My Business Hub accepts all types of Contactless payments, including; contactless cards, Apple and Android Pay enabled devices. Once you select the “Card or Contactless” button the keypad will be ready to accept Contactless, just ask the customer to present their card or payment device at the top of the keypad when prompted.

My Business Hub can also accept high value contactless payments that are above £30. This can be achieved using Apple Pay or Android Pay and will require a customer to give a form of verification on their payment device, such as touch ID fingerprint recognition, when they tap on the keypad.

To process a Contactless payment:

  1. Select “Card or Contactless”.
  2. Ask customer to present card or contactless device when prompted.
  3. Select receipt option.

Magstripe Payments 

In the event the customer does not have a Chip & PIN or Contactless card, or there is a problem reading the chip, you can complete the transaction by swiping the card’s magnetic strip through the top of the keypad.

The on screen instructions will guide you through the payment process, when prompted present the tablet to the cardholder to provide signature to authenticate the transaction.

To process a Magstripe payment:

  1. Select “Card or Contactless”.
  2. Customer swipes card when prompted.
  3. Flip tablet to face customer and ask them to sign and confirm when signature box appears.
  4. Confirm or decline signature.
  5. Select receipt option.
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