Taking Cash Payments

As well as taking card payments Worldpay POS is also able to process cash payments. Once you have populated the basket simply tap "CASH" at the bottom of the basket section to proceed with payment.

On the cash payment screen you can either select a quick cash value for likely amounts the customer will hand over based on the transaction value, alternatively, you can chose to enter a custom amount using the on screen keypad. Once you have selected or entered the relevant amount tap the tick icon to confirm payment. 

Did you know...

You can view your cash totals for each trading session in real time by running Cash Drawer sessions.

Following payment confirmation the change due to the customer will be calculated and displayed, along with the option to issue a receipt.

At any point during the sale (up to confirmation) you can return to the page either by tapping "Make a Sale" or by using the back button.

To process a cash sale:

  1. Select "Cash".
  2. Enter or select cash amount tendered.
  3. Tap the tick to confirm.
  4. Select receipt option

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