Timeline Bar

At the top of the Sales page is the Timeline Bar which provides a visual summary of your card sales over time. The Timeline Bar also acts as a global search tool, allowing you to easily modify or input date ranges.

The Timeline bar contains a number of interactive controls that enable you to edit the date range of your sales:

Worldpay Dashboard timeline bar
  1. Date range drop-down -  Once selected from the dropdown, the date range can be updated using the calendar of the Timeline Bar itself by dragging the handles of the highlighted area. 
  2. Calendar - You can select or modify a custom date range by selecting the calendar icon. Selecting two dates will display all sales within the chosen range.
  3. Daily/ Weekly selection - The Timeline Bar can be customised to display data in a daily or weekly format using the section in the top right of the Timeline Bar. 
  4. Highlighted Selection - This area can be manually customised by dragging the handles to expand or shorten your date selection. 
  5. Month Label - At the bottom of the Timeline Bar are labels for each month. To view sales for a particular month simply select the label for that month. 

N.B. The Timeline Bar is only displayed when viewing your Dashboard on a laptop or Desktop. When viewing your Dashboard on tablet or mobile the Timeline Bar will not be shown.

Did you know...

Users with Full Membership can view a full breakdown of sales data from any date range as far back as January 2015. 

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