Transaction Filters

On both the Insights and Transactions tab of the Sales page you will see the option to filter your transactions. Enabling the "Filter" toggle from the transactions tab will display the transaction filter options. The transaction filter toggle will also be displayed on the Insights tab, activating from here will direct you to the transaction tab and expand transaction filter options.

Once activated, the transaction filter bar will appear which contains a number of drop-down options. To filter by any of the available options simply select the relevant filter field and select the desired options from the dropdown.

You can choose to apply a number of different filters to your transactions, these being:

Worldpay Dashboard Transaction Filters
1) Terminal 4) Amount
2) Transaction Type 5) Card Scheme
3) Verification 6) Card Ending


You are able to choose to display transactions for specific point of sale terminals within your business using the Terminal filter. Simply click on the Terminal drop down and select the terminal(s) you wish to view transactions for. Once selected, press "Apply" and your filtered results will be displayed.

If your business is formed of multiple outlets the terminal options presented in the filter dropdown will depend on what is selected in the outlet dropdown in the top left of the screen. If "All Outlets" are selected the Terminal drop down will display a list of all terminals. You can differentiate between which correspond to which outlet by the associated Merchant ID number (MID) displayed alongside each terminal.

You can view the Merchant ID number for each of your outlets from the Business Details section of the Manage Account page.

Transaction Type

You can filter your transactions to show only those of a certain type using the Transaction Type filter. By selecting the Transaction type drop down menu you have the option to filter your transactions. 

Once you have ticked those transaction types you would like to view select "Apply", your filters will then be applied and the corresponding transactions displayed.


Verification corresponds to the method by which a card transaction was verified at the point of sale.

Once you have selected the verification method(s) you wish to view select "Apply", your chosen filters will then be applied and the corresponding transactions displayed.


The Amount transaction filter allows you to filter your transaction data based on the transaction value. By selecting the Amount filter you will be presented with the option to either enter an exact value or a range of values. Once you have entered the required values select "Apply", your chosen filters will then be applied and the corresponding transactions displayed.

Card Scheme

You have the option to filter your transactions by card scheme using the "Card Scheme" filter. By selecting the drop down from the transaction filter section you will be presented with the option to filter your transactions by scheme. 

Card Ending 

You can search for transaction(s) made on a specific card using the Card Ending filter. Selecting the Card Ending tile will give you the option to enter the last 4 digits of a card number. Once entered, select "Apply" and any transaction(s) carried out with cards ending in your entered digits will be displayed.

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