My Business Hub provides you with a detailed look at every transaction you perform. The Transaction page provides you not only with a list of your transactions but also a breakdown of the associated transaction, item, card and, where applicable, settlement details.

To view your transactions in detail simply select "Transactions" from the My Business Hub navigation menu. To access further details pertaining to a transaction; tap on the relevant transaction and details will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen. 

When Reconciling...

You can view and download a full breakdown of your transaction history as far back as January 2015 using My Business Dashboard.

The Transaction page of My business Hub is split into a number of sections helping you to easily access the relevant transaction information. These sections are:

  • Transaction list which provides a comprehensive list of all your transactions.
  • Transaction details section which displays an overview f information relating to the transaction.
  • Item details section which dialyse a breakdown of the items that make up a transaction.
  • Card details section which displays information about the card used to pay for a transaction.
  • Settlement details section which shows information regarding the settlement of any card transactions. 

From the Transactions page you can also search for a specific transaction should you wish to check certain details or perform a refund

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