User Permissions

Worldpay POS allows you to dictate the level of access a user has to the app’s features. From the Make a Sale page you will be able to select "Administrator" or "Staff" mode with the level of available functionality limited when operating in Staff mode.

By default your Worldpay POS will open in Administrator mode. You can switch to Staff mode simply by tapping on "Administrator" in the top right of the screen and selecting "YES", when prompted, to confirm the mode change.


You can switch from Staff to Administrator mode at any time by tapping on "Staff" in the top right of the screen. You will then be prompted to enter your password. Once entered select "SUBMIT" and your app will switch to Administrator mode.


Administrator Mode

With your app in Administrator mode you will have access to all features of the Worldpay POS app, this includes the ability to view your store’s Sales & Insights, Manage your Cash Drawer sessions as well as access & edit your product catalogue.  

Staff Mode

With your app in Staff mode users will be restricted to the Make a Sale page only and will not have access to the other features of Worldpay POS.

By setting up Worldpay POS in Staff mode you are able to leave users unattended with your device without fear that they will inadvertently alter key settings from other pages.

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