Voiding a Transaction

Worldpay POS processes all of your card transactions overnight, as such, if during the current day's trading you do not want to process a particular transaction you can choose to Void it

If the payment has been settled then you will only see the option to refund the transaction.

To void a transaction select the relevant transaction form the transaction list and tap Void. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your password and confirm when prompted. 

To void a transaction:

  1. Select the transaction you wish to void from the transactions list.
  2. Tap "Void".
  3. Enter your password when prompted and "Submit".
  4. Select receipt option.

The transaction will now have been successfully voided.

N.B. You can only void card transactions that have not been processed by Worldpay, i.e. today’s card transactions. Cash or settled card transactions must be refunded not voided.

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