Worldpay Dashboard

Offering detailed insights and records of SalesSettlementsInvoices and Transactions it allows you to quickly and easily view financial and transaction activity in an interactive and intuitive fashion.

Via the Sales & Insights page My Business Hub is able to offer you summary information with regards to your sales figures for pre-set date ranges. With Worldpay Dashboard you are able to view a more detailed breakdown of these figures as well as understand what payments will arrive in your bank account when. 

Did you know...

Using Worldpay Dashboard you can download a breakdown of your transactions for use offline.

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Using Worldpay Dashboard for Reconciliation

When reconciling it is vital to have quick and easy access to your sales totals, transaction breakdowns and settlement details. Worldpay Dashboard presents information from each stage of the payment process from transaction to settlement and invoicing. Within your Dashboard you can see hour by hour breakdown up to an entire year’s worth of information at once; meaning no matter how frequently you reconcile Worldpay Dashboard is able to assist you.

With Worldpay Dashboard you are able to:

When Reconciling...

Use Worldpay Dashboard to get full access to your Sales totals and transaction breakdown for any given date range.

To check your Sales Totals using Worldpay Dashboard:

  1. Go to the Sales page.
  2. Select required time period form the drop-down menu.
    Manually highlight required dates using the Timeline bar.
  3. Your Total Sales, Sales and Refunds for the selected date will now be shown.

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