Worldpay POS - Sales & Insights

The Sales and Insights page is broken down into three main sections, each offering different insights regarding your sales activity. These are:

  1. Sales Summary
  2. Sales Breakdown
  3. Top Selling items & Categories

The Sales and Insights page will display sales information in real time, allowing you to keep track of your daily totals and top selling items. You can also keep track of your cash flow and takings for a trading session using the Cash Drawer page.

By selecting "Print this Summary"  or "Email this Summary" at the bottom of the screen you are able to generate a printed report of your sales and insights data for the current day's trading.

N.B. Card transactions performed on Worldpay POS are normally processed overnight. As the Sales and Insights page offers real time reporting of transactions, this data will card transactions that have not yet been processed by Worldpay.

Did you know...

As a Worldpay POS customer you have access to all features of My Business Dashboard, allowing you to view your sales data as far back as January 2015.

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary section of the Sales & Insights page will show you values for your sales, refunds and related VAT across a range of time periods. You can change the time period displayed using the tabs at the top of the page.

  1. Sales
    The Sales value displayed in the Sales Summary section equates to the value of sales processed by both cash and card for your chosen time period. This value is irrespective of any refunds carried out.
    The greyed figure in brackets equates to the total number of sales processed.
  2. Refunds
    The refunds value displayed in the Sales Summary section equates to the total value of refunds carried out for your chosen time period.
    The greyed figure in brackets equates to the total number of refunds processed.
  3. VAT
    The VAT value displayed equates to the total VAT associated with all transactions carried out within your selected time period. 
  4. Total Sales
    The Total sales value displayed equates to the compound of your sales and refunds totals. i.e. If your Sales total was £1,000 and your Refunds total was £100 then your Total Sales value would be £900. Also displayed will be a Total Sales breakdown across different VAT ranges. 

Sales Breakdown

The Sales Breakdown section provides you with insight on the method of payment your customers have most commonly used. Displayed is a breakdown of value and volume (figure in brackets) of payments taken by Card and Cash payment. Each column is then further broken-down to show Sales, Refunds and Total Sales for each payment method.


Top Selling Items & Categories

The top selling items & categories section will show you the 3 bestselling items and categories in your product catalogue for your chosen time period, ranked in order of number sold. The total volume of each item sold will be displayed in the prominent circle of the associated item tile, with the total sales value displayed below it.

To view a more comprehensive list simply tap on "View All" and your bestselling items or categories will be displayed. By default these will be sorted by volume sold but you can switch this to value using the Volume/ Value toggle.

Worldpay My Business Hub top selling items and categories

End of Day Reports

You can chose to receive a report of your business' activity for the current day from the Sales & Insights page of the Worldpay POS app. By selecting either "Print this Summary" or "Email this Summary" at the bottom of the screen Worldpay POS will generate a report, providing either a digital or printed copy. 

Included in this printed report will be:

  • Your Sales, Refunds and Total Sales figures for the current day's trading.
  • A VAT breakdown for your Total Sales.
  • A breakdown of your transactions by Cash and Card across Sales, Refunds and Total Sales.
  • A summary of any closed Cash Drawers for the day's trading.
  • A summary of your top selling items for the day.
Worldpay My Business Hub Sales and Insights End of Day Report

To print a summary of your day's activity:

  1. Go to the Sales & Insights page of the Worldpay POS app.
  2. Select "Print this Summary" or "Email this Summary"
  3. Your daily summary will now be generated.

Should you need to view your Sales or Transaction data for any historical day's trading you can do this by logging into My Business Dashboard where you can also download transaction data for offline use.

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