Your Basket

As you are selecting or entering items during the course of a sale they will appear in the basket which occupies the right hand side of the Make a Sale page. 

An item’s quantity, name and subtotal will be displayed in the same row of the basket. By tapping on an item in your basket you are able to alter the quantity or delete the item from the basket. You can clear the contents of the basket at any time by selecting “Clear basket” in the top right.

You can save the basket in order to process payment or modify at a later time by tapping "Save basket" once populated. To re-open a previously saved basket simply select "My baskets" when the basket is empty. 

The total basket value, number of items added and the total VAT is displayed at the bottom of the basket.

If enabled, the standard tax rate toggle bar will also be displayed at the bottom of your basket, activating this will apply your chosen standard tax rate to you entire basket. You can choose whether or not this feature is displayed from the Default tax options section of the Settings page.

Located at the bottom of the basket section are the options to process the basket total by either Card or Contactless and Cash. Selecting either of these will begin the relevant payment process. 

Saving Your Basket

If you operate a business where you don't always want to charge customers straight away you can choose to save the basket in order to modify it's contents or take payments at a later time. In order to save a basket, add the desired items to the basket and then tap "Save Basket" in the top right of the screen. To save the chosen items as a new basket select "New Basket", enter the basket name, i.e. Table 3, and then tap "Create" to confirm and save the basket. To save items to an existing basket, rather than selecting "New Basket" simply select the required basket from your saved basket list. 

Worldpay My Business Hub Save Basket

Create or Open Baskets

Should you wish to create a new basket prior to adding items or to open an already saved basket you can do so by clicking "My Baskets" in the top right of the screen. Then select "New Basket" or choose the required basket from the list of saved baskets displayed. 

Worldpay My Business Hub Open Basket

Print Bill & Edit Basket

Once you open an existing basket you'll see it's name appear at the top of the basket section. The basket name also acts as a drop down menu, by tapping on the basket name  you will be presented with the options to:

  • Print a bill for your customer prior to processing payment
  • Edit the Basket's name
  • Delete the Basket should you no longer wish to charge for it. 
Worldpay My Business Hub Basket menu

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